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The demand for new build villas in Spain has never been greater. For anyone still looking to buy, this has raised some challenges with the best properties being snapped up in a heartbeat. However, if you are looking for a dream villa in Costa Blanca that ticks all of your Spanish property-buying boxes, a bespoke new build could be your ideal fit without having to wait longer than an average on-plan new build.

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Why Design a Spanish Property Instead of Just Buying?

If you like the idea of approaching your Spanish home purchase in a more bespoke manner and standard just isn’t good enough, Design & Build could be for you. Welcome Estates work with a number of boutique developers to help clients achieve the dream of their new build villa at an affordable price. Going off-plan doesn’t even need to extend the time it takes for you to move into your new home as build times work out similarly to on-plan new build Spanish properties.

Designing your own new build property could even be more cost-effective than a standard new build purchase. You’ll be able to choose your own plot which you will then own as you would with any other property. All available plots for Design and Build are also over 400sqm to ensure you have the space you need to create your dream Spanish home.

You’ll be able to work with Spanish property experts to design every element of your new home from bedrooms to pools all within an average current build time of just 15 months. Designing your own Spanish property can take the stress out of property viewing as you’ll be able to create the exact type of home you are looking for, without the headache of a previous owner’s style choices.

How Does Design and Build Work?

Do you dream of a brand new property in Spain containing everything you have ever wanted out of a property? With Design & Build, you’ll have the control to design your new Spanish property exactly the way you want it with the help of an experienced architect. You’ll be able to choose everything from the number of bedrooms you would like to kitchen choices to whether you would like the standard 7m x 3.5m swimming pool or would like to upgrade your space to make room for the whole family.

Building your new home this way gives you greater flexibility with the type of property you want to own. You’ll also gain peace of mind knowing all Design & Build purchases involve completely secure payment methods like all other Welcome Estates Spanish property purchases and A-rated energy efficiency as standard.

Design Your New Dream Home

If you are interested in designing your dream Spanish home, talk to Welcome Estates today to find out more about how a bespoke new build could fit your needs.

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