Living in Spain as an Expat – What to expect from Spanish Life?

Moving to Spain is a dream come true for many who buy a property in Spain. For over 25 years, Welcome Estates has helped countless Brits turn their dream of relocating to Spain into a reality. The idea of living in a beautiful microclimate like Costa Blanca South is inviting to most and the Spanish weather is just one of the welcomed differences you’ll appreciate when living in Spain. But when it comes to day-to-day living, what can you expect from Spanish life? At Welcome Estates, our sales team have all moved from the UK to Spain so we can let you know what to expect when living in Spain as a British ex-pat. 

What is the lifestyle like in Spain?

Some aspects of life in places like Costa Blanca South are a stark contrast to life in the UK. Holidays can give you a glimpse into some of the cultural differences but living in Spain all year round will provide you with a different perspective.

Expect Many Spanish Fiestas Near Costa Blanca

Life in Spain is vibrant, colourful and rich in cultural heritage as seen in the many fiestas held across Costa Blanca South. Year-round celebrations with music, dancing and costumes make living in the towns and villages of Costa Blanca South a hive of exciting festivals. Religious street processions during Holy Week and commemorative festivals like Moros y Cristianos mark important events in Spanish history while Feria de Mayo (May Fiesta) in Torrevieja unusually celebrates all things Andalucian with flamenco music and stunning traditional costumes. The prominent events and traditions throughout the year mean life in Spain is never dull.  Some of the other festivities to be experienced in and around Costa Blanca South include:

  • Torrevieja Carnival – this month-long selection of festival activities in Torrevieja includes a national drag queen contest, street processions and special days dedicated to children and the elderly.
  • Fiestas del Pilar – a festival observed in Pilar de la Horadada is a week-long celebration which includes paella tasting and Paella contests as well as music events, games and children’s activities.

Get Ready For Spanish Food Adventures in Costa Blanca

While Spanish festivities demonstrate the strong sense of cultural pride shared by Spanish people across the country, the local cuisine in South Costa Blanca is another manifestation of authentic Spanish living. It’s easy to embrace the tasty and healthy Mediterranean diet and most local food is traditional and varied depending on the location. Tasty rice dishes, seafood and tapas are popular throughout Costa Blanca South and you’ll find an abundance of restaurants, and many seafood eateries taking advantage of the fresh fish and seafood caught locally and sold in the local markets. The Spanish cuisine combined with the local vineyards and wineries means foodies will truly relish the gastronomical adventures awaiting their palettes in Southern Costa Blanca.

living in spain as an expat

Discover The Rich Diverse History in Costa Blanca South

With a large selection of museums to visit including the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, you’ll learn a lot about the diverse history of the region. This includes the Moorish influence on the architecture as seen in the many castles and fortresses deemed sites of cultural interest on the Costa Blanca. Another site of cultural interest includes the Palmeral de Orihuela, a beautiful palm tree forest worth visiting in Orihuela

Authentic old towns in Costa Blanca with their whitewashed houses have a unique Mediterranean appeal and world heritage sites like the Rock Art of the Mediterranean Basin are a sight to behold. When it comes to living in Costa Blanca, the south of the region offers so many ways to discover and appreciate your surroundings including:

Sun, Siestas and a Slow-Paced Lifestyle in South Costa Blanca

Life in UK cities can be fast, loud and busy, almost the complete opposite of life in South Costa Blanca. When you relocate to Spain, you’ll find yourself effortlessly slipping into the laid-back way of life. One Spanish tradition, in particular, makes life in Costa Blanca South very different to life in the UK. Siestas are still a part of daily life in many parts of Spain with some businesses and banks in Costa Blanca South closing to the public between 1 pm and 5 pm. You’ll learn to appreciate the slow, easy-going Mediterranean pace of life as you become familiar with the customs and traditions that make the Spanish lifestyle so unique. Not into daytime naps? Take the time to appreciate the quiet areas and enjoy a walk, have a leisurely lunch or visit attractions which may be quieter during siesta.

Family Fun in Costa Blanca South

It can be daunting making the transition to a new country with children. Families moving to Costa Blanca will find the area welcoming as locals love to go out of their way for children. The local beaches, parks and playgrounds cater for little ones with places like Flamingo Aquapark in Torrevieja promising fun for the young and young at heart. The clean and beautiful surroundings feel like a safe place for little ones as they enjoy greater freedom outdoors. Living in Costa Blanca South is ideal for families as there is an excellent variety of child-friendly activities in the area as well as a good selection of schools and nurseries. Discover more about activities and fun-filled adventures for families. 

Join a Thriving Ex-pat Community in Costa Blanca South

Many people worry about feeling alone or isolated when considering moving overseas. For those moving to Spain from the UK, the chances of meeting other Brits who have relocated from the UK are quite high. When you move to Costa Blanca South, you’ll join a growing community of British expatriates as well as those who have settled in Spain from other parts of Europe and further afield. Depending on your preference, your new life in Spain can be as authentically Spanish or as cosmopolitan as you wish thanks to the diversity of the region. Torrevieja boasts one of the largest expatriate communities in Costa Blanca with families and retirees from England, Scandinavia and Germany making up a large percentage of the ex-pat population. This is great news if you would prefer your Spanish living experience to have an international feel and you want the opportunity to make friends from different parts of the globe.

Whether you choose to live in an ex-pat community or a traditional Spanish town, our dedicated property consultants are committed to helping you create your ideal life in Costa Blanca. Take a look at our latest property listings in Costa Blanca or contact us to find out more about buying properties in Spain.


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