Sunshine and Fiestas.

Spain is the land of sunshine and fiestas!

Every country has got parties and fayres but none have got a culture of fiestas like Spain does…

Whatever village or city you like to visit, each and every one will have a couple of its own fiestas throughout the year. And no matter how small, they make the fiestas big, with music, dancing and off course fireworks and things to enjoy for young and old. Some well known fiestas throughout Spain are:

Carnival in February

Which most villages celebrate by dressing up and having a parade through the streets.

Semana Santa or Holy week

Which starts Palm Sunday with processions and masses all week going up to Easter.

April fair

This is the fiesta of the Sevillanas. It finds its origin in the city of Seville but is now widely celebrated in Spain with Flamenco music and dancing.

Moros and Cristianos

a spectacular reenactment of the recapture from Moorish hands often celebrated together with medieval markets.

Hogueras de San Juan

A celebration to welcome summertime on the 23rd of June, with bonfires and parties on the beaches.

Virgin del Carmen

is celebrated by many communities along the Spanish coastline where locals pray that the Virgin will protect the town’s fishermen.

Tapas Trails and fruit and vegetable fiestas

Yes, the Spanish love their food and are proud of what they cultivate. Tapas trails are usually the local bars and restaurants promoting local produce in small appetisers, accompanied with a drink. The Vegetable fiestas, like in Almoradi, Fiesta de Alcachofa, is based on the artichoke which is the towns pride. All tapas and menus are made with this lovely vegetable, honouring it in every way.

Except for these fiestas every town has got his own patron saint which they celebrate, some for days, some for weeks…

The village, Algorfa, for example has got the Virgin Carmen as it’s Patron Saint. The fiestas lead up to the 16th of July. Every year on a Saturday morning in the beginning of July there is the so called “Chupinazo” it starts off with music and parade through the streets with the different “peñas” sororities of friends and families who help with the celebrations and the “Reinas” or Queens who will represent the village. When they arrive in the square the Mayor gives a speech and sets of a firecracker, music starts and people from all ages start dancing together. Kids have a foam party and free drinks are supplied by townhall. The atmosphere is amazing, people laugh, talk, dance and have fun for hours and hours. And that is only day one! The next days, every day, there is something to do for kids, adults and for all tastes. From board and card games, bike races, bouncy castles, water games to classic and rock concerts and even a rave party. Off course all this goes with the holy masses and “Romerias” in honour of the Virgin del Carmen. The whole village participates in as much of the activities as possible, most people even take of time of work to spend as much time with friends and families and enjoy this great example of Spanish community feeling! The highlight of these fiestas is the big parade with all different “Peñas” and the kids from the local dance school. All dressed up to entertain the whole village! The last day of the Fiestas is the 16th of July when the statue of the Virgin del Carmen is carried through the village with respect and in traditional clothing.

Most towns in Spain have got similar fiestas, with their own personal touch, but all bringing the community together, in the warm, friendly Spanish style!


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