What to Look for in a Holiday Home in Costa Blanca

Experiencing the sun sea and sand of the Costa Blanca is the reason many flock to the area. Buying a holiday home in the Costa Blanca area is a dream of many expats but what exactly should you look for in a holiday home and how does it differ from a home to live in permanently?

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Holiday Home Location

One of the most important things to consider when thinking of buying a holiday home on the Costa Blanca is location. The area is home to a number of popular expat locations each offering something different. Your priorities also come into play here. If transport links are important to you, a holiday home in Alicante centre might be worth the investment whilst those looking for a bustling resort area might want to buy a holiday home in Orihuela Costa. Alternatively, golf lovers might want to look at a golfing holiday home centre such as La Finca Golf. If you’re thinking of retiring to the Costa Blanca, take a look at our guide to the best places to retire in the Costa Blanca.

New Build Property or Previously Owned?

There are countless properties on the Spanish property market at any given time. One big decision that will affect buying a property on the Costa Blanca is whether you would like to purchase a new build or a previously owned home. New build properties in Alicante and beyond can offer a customisable way of property buying with plenty of options to fit your needs perfectly. However, a previously owned property may offer character and an established area. This type of property may also be more viable if you have a specific area you would like to holiday or live in the Costa Blanca.

Amenities for your Costa Blanca Holiday Home

What amenities are important for you when looking at a Costa Blanca holiday home? In such a thriving area, there is plenty to offer holidaymakers so decide on what is important to have in your local holiday home area. For example, if you are a golf-lover, the area has plenty of golf resorts, many of which you can buy a home directly on, such as La Finca Golf Resort. If you are holidaying in the Costa Blanca as a family, are local family activities important to you? Do you love exploring the great outdoors and want somewhere with easy access to nature? All of these things are important elements to consider when looking at property in the Costa Blanca region.

Resale Value for your Costa Blanca Property

Whilst it would be nice to think that you will own your Costa Blanca holiday home for life, sometimes what you need from your Costa Blanca home can change with time. You may also decide to move areas in the future. When the time comes to sell your Costa Blanca home, the value of your home could be a key point to either finding your next property, leaving an inheritance or contributing towards your retirement funds.

Will Your Home Grow With You?

Similar to the above point, will your holiday home fit the changing needs of you and your family? For example, if you have very young children who are happy sleeping in a cot in your room, will they need their own space in a few years’ time? Alternatively, whilst you may have found an area you like whilst holiday home shopping, will you still enjoy holidaying in that area a few years down the line?

Is it a Good Investment?

One of the most important things to consider when buying a holiday home on the Costa Blanca is, is it a good investment. Whilst you may be blown away by the decor of a Spanish property, is the build quality and local area a worthwhile investment or is the appeal purely superficial? Take a good look around your property when viewing to check the wear and tear of the building, local area and any other aspect of the property that may affect the value.

Maintenance Needs

For many properties in Spain, maintenance can be an additional cost to buying a holiday home. As with any property, there will be the usual costs involved with maintaining a building such as replacing broken guttering or repairing exteriors. However, if you will be buying a property on a resort or maintained area, maintenance fees may be an additional cost. Make sure you check out any additional costs to buying and maintaining your property, your local property expert will be able to help with this.

Choose an Established Spanish Property Expert

When looking at buying a property on the Costa Blanca, it makes sense to have a local property expert on your side. Choosing a Costa Blanca property expert who speaks both English and Spanish can be invaluable when buying a property and Welcome Estates can help you look at everything you need to know when buying a property in Alicante or the surrounding areas. We can also help you with selling your Spanish property when the time comes.

To find out more about buying a property on the Costa Blanca, take a look at our current available properties or contact our team now.


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